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Nazi's on Communism

Nazi’s on Communism  

     Communism and Nazism are two different political principles. They oppose each other and one can come across numerous differences between the two. A communist is a person that believes in equality and who is considered as supporting politically leftist or rebellious causes. They believe in the world communist organization, which is a group of people that applied the social principles of communism. Communism can be said to be having foundations in some strong political ideology. Communism stands for a free society where all are equal and every one can participate in the decision making process. The communists want democracy and Nazism to be destroyed, no organized religion in the state as it divides the people, and no wealthy individuals. On the other hand, Nazi’s are on the right of the political spectrum and the call themselves the National Socialists. Nazism is not based on any strong political ideology but only based on racial divide.They believe that other parties, particularly the Communists, should be banned.  Nazism stands for socialist policies but also ensures that a wealthy class stays at the control of power. This topic relates to "The Book Thief" because in Part Three, Liesel realized that Hitler was the reason her mom was not able to be found and why she was taken away. 

     During this treacherous time, Liesel wanted to speak out to the public about the Fuhrer and the Nazi's but Hans told Liesel not to speak out against that outside of the house. Hans told Liesel "Imagine smiling after a slap in the face. Then think of doing it twenty - four hours a day." That means that Liesel can barely contain their secret, but after a while the slap becomes normal and the secret along with it.  


A video about Nazism and Communism

     Interesting Facts
  •   They both have claimed that they were socialists.
  •   They both started the Second World War with their agreement to partition Poland. Both worked together fighting the Capitalists.


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By: Yasir and Emily

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