Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Beyond the attire.

During the Hollacaust many of not all of Hitler's party would wear attire with a certain symbol sewed on to the arm, this represented they were apart of the Nazi party. Many of these symbols represent and show other people that you support and or work for Hitler, this can also distinguish who is who In a crowd. Many reasons could be that you did not want to mix a German up with being a Jew because that person could be sent to a gas chamber to die, which was one of the most commons way to kill the Jewish population.  One interesting fact was back in 2010 a Nazi costume was spotted at a costume outlet which sparked a complaint from a U.S. based Jewish organization. The complaint was for the immediate "removal.." from the stores as it could and is offensive to many members of the jewish community. After being removed from stores a spokesperson for Don Quijote Co. Stated "We have completely removed the product from out stores." Also including "We take  responsibility for selling this product" 

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