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The German Resistance

Roland Freisler (centre), gives the salute of the Nazis
at the trialof conspirators. 
This trial condemned thousands 
of German resistance members to death.
The German resistance was not alone. There were multiple groups who all worked together, opposing the Nazi power. The resistance powers opposed Hitler’s power in a multitude of underground projects and efforts. The resistance movement was not unified. There were different efforts in different countries at varying times. Although not unified they resistance did have some organized groups, with communists leading them. Some of the organisations worked together to take military action against the Nazi power (instead of the usual underground movements). There were many that contributed in different ways to the German resistance of the Nazi power.
Carl Goerdeler, a leader of the July 1944 conspiracy to kill
 Hitler stands at the trial mentioned in the caption of the 
previous picture. He was also condemned to death.
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In a quick summary the resistance was a group of people who opposed the Nazi power, particularly the Germans within Nazi Germany.

Some interesting facts:

In Nazi Germany, it wasn't rare for a family or a person to be hiding a Jew.  
Many of the German resistance groups, such as The White Rose, consisted of university students and were non-violent, they based most of their acts of resistance around leaflets and graffiti.

Relevence to the book:

“Imagine smiling after a slap in the face. Then think of doing it for twenty-four hours a day. That was the business of hiding a Jew. ” Liesel page 211

“She imagined herself walking over, gently tearing sme fluffy hair to the side, and whispering into the woman’s ear: There’s a Jew in my basement.” Liesel to Ilsa Herrman page 245


A video of clips from Valkyrie a modern-day film focused on the efforts of German resistance groups.


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