Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Mein Kampf

Mein Kampf was a book written in 1923 by German Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler. In Mein Kampf Hitler depicted his ideas and information about plans for Germany, his youth, and his ideas about race and politics. Hitler divides humans into groups based on appearance and higher and lower order. The two groups he focuses on the most are the Aryans and the Jews. Hitler assigned the highest order to the Aryans. Hitler believed that Aryans were superior because they could bring victory to Germany and they created almost all of the art, science, and technology to be found in the world at that time. Opposing the Aryans were the Jews. He accused that Jews of plotting to control world finances, controlling the press, creating Marxism and liberal democracy, spreading disharmony through culture, and destroying Aryan humanity.

Hitler warned that, alongside the Nazis, he would defeat his old enemy, France. He also wrote that he would invade Russia to obtain more living space for the Aryans and that he would remove, eliminate, or enslave any Slavs, Jews, and Communists.

The ideas presented in Mein Kampf were taught in school and churches and the amount of books sold increased as Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. Many Germans at this time bought Mein Kampf as a way to support and worship Hitler. Others used it to simply appear to be a “good German”. While many Jews used Mein Kampf to appear to be German so that they would not be held captive or killed.

Today, Mein Kampf is seen as a warning that was highly persuasive and highly ignored.

Significant Quotes

“It’s the best book ever.” –Max
“He knocked on the door of the Nazi Party office in Molching and took the opportunity to ask about his membership application. Once this was discussed, he proceeded to give them his last scraps of money and a dozen cigarettes. In return, he received a used copy of Mein Kampf.”-Narrator


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By: Heather and Ujithra 

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